The Committees

Baltimore County Recreation & Parks – Keep an eye on operations and notify the Board about issues from the County’s perspective.

Bands – Find bands to play in Hereford’s parade.

Battle of the Bands – Arrange a competition of local bands. Could be a fundraiser before parade day or entertainment at HHS that day.

Bucket Brigade – Collect donations on parade day by walking the parade route and working the HHS crowd.

Chief Judge – Identify judges, order trophies, set up score sheets.

Children’s Bike Parade – Organize the bike parade; advertise it; buy prizes; conduct the parade.

Color Guards, Military Units – Arrange for units of color guards, military units and American Legions to be in the parade.

Contest Property Decorating – Prepare fliers for distribution on Memorial Day weekend; judge properties the weekend before the parade; post lawn signs several days before the parade; issue gift cards; collect signs the next week for re-use.

Food & Entertainment, Downtown – Arrange for food and entertainment.

Food and entertainment, HHS – Arrange for plenty of food and entertainment from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Fund Raiser – Raise $5,000 to support the festivities.

Graul’s Donations – Solicit donations in Graul’s vestibule in June.

Grandstand – Organize and operate the grandstand; order stage from Balto Co R&P; decorate stage; schedule announcers; write announcer scripts. Write trivia questions and solicit door prizes.

Kids’ inflatable Entertainment – Order kids’ inflatables. Arrange for insurance, delivery, set up and pick up.

Orioles and Ravens mascots – Arrange for the Orioles’ and Ravens’ mascots to be in the parade.

McGruff mascot – Arrange for the McGruff mascot to be in the parade.

Other mascots – Arrange for Chick Fil A, Iron Birds, Sweet Frog, Turkey Hill, and other mascots

National Anthem – Arrange for a singer to sing the national anthem at 5:45 pm at the judging review stand. Arrange for dove release.

Parade Line-Up – Manage parade registrations; prepare the order of the parade and comments for announcers.

Parade Program – Design the parade program. Sell Ads. Print and distribute two weeks prior to parade day.

Permits – Apply for the Baltimore County parade permit. The treasurer writes the check for the permit fee.

Signs & Flags – Design and order signage. Change the date on the “big” sign from the previous year. Erect the “big” sign on Memorial Day weekend. Take it down after the parade. Order several hundred flags to line the parade route. Erect the flags the night before the parade.

Sponsorships & Donations – Solicit businesses to sponsor bands, fireworks, and all events.

Public Awareness – Make the public aware of the festivities using signs, banners, media, direct mail, etc. Deliver flyers to businesses including Morris Meadows campground. Arrange for media coverage.

Website – Operate, maintain and host

Facebook – Post on FB; attract friends; offer news and games to boost public involvement in the festivities.